TBT: Second City



We spotted this awesome Second City gem in the scrapbook.com gallery! Created by Katrina Hunt, the Second City collection was the perfect choice for her college-themed page. Nice layout, Katrina!



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Kids Valentines with Audrey Pettit



Audrey is with us today to showcase two darling Valentine cards that she created using Sun Kissed. Read on to see how she made both cards interactive, just for kids!



AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed JusttheGirls I still fondly remember the fun of passing out classroom Valentines. To me, the best Valentines were the interactive ones, with a hidden surprise inside. Today I have a fun idea to share for creating interactive his and hers matchbook-style Valentine cards using our adorable Sunkissed collection.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed JusttheGirls2 These sweet Valentines are basically tri-fold cards, secured at the bottom with a simple staple. The top of the card slips behind the bottom flap to stay in place, and easily flips up to reveal the inside. They can be easily made in almost any length or width you choose, and can be dressed up for any event or occasion.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed JusttheGirls3 Here you can see the simple staple on the bottom flap. Simply fold about 3/4″ of paper up, and place a staple in the center, approximately 1/4″ up from the bottom edge. The top of the card will tuck right behind the flap, and that’s all you need to keep the card shut.

I added several layers of Sunkissed patterned papers to the front of the card, and a few strips across the bottom flap. Twine from the embellishment pack was wrapped around the front flap of the card and through a die cut tag. Cut a small slit in the top fold of the card for the twine to pass through. Then dress up the front with additional accents like die cuts, clothespins, and sequins.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed JusttheGirls4

Open the card to reveal a secret message inside. Or, this is a great spot to attach a small piece of candy, a sticker, or a temporary tattoo.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed MainSqueeze I used the same design to create a boy Valentine, too. By changing out the papers and accents, you can get a whole different look from the same design. I stuck with a blue, grey, and yellow color scheme for my boy look, and added die cut tickets and labels for a more masculine feel.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed MainSqueeze2 Love the main squeeze lemon image here. Riddles and jokes and puns were always a favorite with classroom cards.

AudreyPettit BG Sunkissed MainSqueeze3 Enjoy!

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Hillside How-To with Shellye McDaniel



We received numerous emails about Shellye’s gorgeous double embroidery hoop wall art that she created for our Hillside catalog and online release, and she is here today to give you a step-by-step on how to recreate one for your home!



Hi there! Shellye here today with an inexpensive home décor project featuring the new “Hillside” Collection and a couple of wooden embroidery hoops that you can find in craft or fabric stores.

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered3

For this project I have used a 4” and 6” embroidery hoop. First, I traced the very outside edge of each of the hoops; this will leave enough excess for tucking the paper around the inner hoop.

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered4

Next, trim out the tracing, leaving about a ¼” border as shown in the photo above.

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered5

Using small, micro-tip scissors, snip the paper up to the trace line creating little tabs in the edge of the paper as you go around the circle.

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered6

Fold the paper around the edge of the inner hoop and secure the tabs with a quick drying glue. Place the outer hoop over the inner hoop. Glue the smaller hoop to the top, center of the completed 6” hoop. Begin decorating!

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered7

I started with three of the wooden ‘stakes’ and adhered them to the center of the 4” hoop. Next I layered on the chipboard letters to spell out “Hi”

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered8

The kraft tag was added and the “friends” sticker added to the center of it with foam adhesive. One of the kraft circles was used for the “I” in “hi”.

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered9

I kept the rest of the embellishment simple by adding a single orange chipboard butterfly with hot pink Candy Dot centers!

Shellye McDaniel-Hillside Altered10

I love that this piece can sit as it is on a shelf, propped up with an easel, or used to display as wall art. Create several of these, large and small, and hang in a fun grouping in a child’s room or craft area! I hope that you enjoy mixing ‘n matching Hillside as much as I did!



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CHAW16 Release Winners!

Thank you to everyone who posted for their chance to win one of our three new CHAW16 collections! Are you one of our lucky winners? Here they are:






Urban Luxe:




Saturday Morning:




Ladies, please email allisonb@basicgrey.com with your full name, shipping address, and the name of the collection that you won, and your prizes will be sent out as soon as all of the products arrive in our warehouse!



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