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We’ve added new innovative and imaginative products to our extremely popular Capture program, which combines the best of scrapbooking with the best of journaling.



Video by Collin Kartchner Studios | Song is “All That I Needed” by Fremont


BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture


* Universal Calendar Stamp: Document your day-to-day using this complete calendar stamp set; with months, days, numbers and a customizable calendar frame, it’s easy to document the past as well as events far into the future.
* Give Credit Stamp: Whether you’re putting your unique signature on a gift you’ve made for someone else or you simply want a fresh approach to adding captions and journaling, this stylish clear stamp set is just for you.
* Acetate Photo Frames: The various elements in this package will add a retro vibe to your images faster than the time it takes a Polaroid picture to develop.


BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture


* Weekly Note Pad Insert: This perforated pad makes it easy for you to jot down notes and slip them right into your Capture album for every day of the week. It also comes with snap-in notches that fit perfectly in your album.
* Adhesive Pocket Stickers: Don’t limit your pocket scrapbooking to divided page protectors. Now you can add clear pockets to any project using these self-adhesive pieces. Available in four sizes (3.5 x 2″, 3″ square, 3 x 4,” and 4 x 6″), you’ll have plenty of pockets to use for your photo and memorabilia needs.
* Folding Photo Frames: Simply wrap these 3 x 4″ frames around your photos for a double-sided frame that will look fantastic in the pocket of any page protector or adhered directly to your paper.


BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture
BasicGrey | Capture


* Attach-Me Stickers: Wrap them around an element of memorabilia to easily attach to a ring-bound book without having to punch a hole in your keepsake, or use them to turn any scrap of paper into a terrific tag. Twelve color choices and four different decorative edges will make your attachment to these stickers instantaneous.


BasicGrey | Capture   BasicGrey | Capture BasicGrey | Capture


* Brand New Candy Buttons: These candy buttons make the perfect embellishment for any project you are working. 12 new colors available, including my personal favorite, the gold and silver metallics.


We hope you’ve enjoyed all the Summer 2013 reveals this week! Which line are you most excited to play with?


30 thoughts on “Capture

  1. WOW!! Basic Grey, you totally knocked my socks off with this reveal!! I LOVE everything! Those calendar stamps are genius and those Attach Me Stickers and.. everything!!

  2. WOW! this is even better than I thought and “Captured” my interest immediately. The video really shows the versatility and ease in using this collection. Love the “Attach Me” Stickers are so clever and a great idea. Can’t wait to try “Capture”.

  3. Very cool video! Love all the Capture elements especially the stamps! I am also really looking forward to the Persimmon collection in particular.

  4. Such great ideas! I have making journals like this for a few years and these new products are perfect! I especially love the weekly notecard inserts and the attach me stickers! Thanks :)

  5. i completely love capture and have started playing with what i have so far! i also think i need the christmas line to capture december…i already have one of the plain kraft capture binders (swoon) and i almost cannot wait to capture my christmas.

  6. The first page features some of our latest and greatest Capture products, including the never-expiring calendar stamp, label and alpha stickers , and a die-cut photo frame for housing photos taken at our booth. We are encouraging our lovely guests to take as much creative liberty as possible with these pages; my sample is merely a jumping-off point!

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