Mini Album : Jamaica


Today we’re thrilled to share this gorgeous mini album from past BG design team member Megan Klauer featuring our Clippings collection.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the eye candy!

cover-detail1 cover-detail2 pages1-to-2 page-1-detail page-2 page-2-with-bonus-picture-idea pages-3-to-4 page-3-detail page-4 page-5-to-6 page-5-detail page-6 page-7-to-8 page-7-detail page-9-to-10 page-9-detail page-9-to-10-detail page-11-detail pages-11-to-12 page-12-detail page-13-to-14 page-13-detail page-14

Megan says, “Creating a mini album is always a fun way to capture an event or occasion. The Clippings collection worked perfectly for documenting a past trip to Jamaica with my mom & sisters. The variety of embellishments available within the line allowed me to layer and stack lots of details just the way I enjoy doing.”

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Megan!

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14 thoughts on “Mini Album : Jamaica

  1. that is the COOLEST mini ever! I flippin love it!
    I agree about making minis. that’s all I really like to do, because they “make sense” to me. they tell a story.

    Love it, girl!

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