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Hi everyone! Els here, to show you a bit of my workspace. I don’t usually share a lot of pictures of my studio, because it is tiny and crammed. But I’m very happy to have my own space, and be able to leave my stuff out when I’m in the middle of a project. My craft space leaves room for a small craft table, a storage unit, and a chair. And that’s pretty much it.

Where I Work - photo 1 | Els Brigé

Since I don’t have a lot of space, my room is pretty organized. And I try to tidy up after every project before I start to make a new mess. One of the biggest advantages of a small room, is that I have pretty much everything on hand all the time. The wall I’m facing has a couple of shelves with mostly smaller items, like these jars filled with buttons, wood veneer pieces, chipboard elements, and other small embellishments.

Where I Work - photo 2 | Els Brigé

I love storing my supplies in cute bowls and jars, some of them even have a sentimental value. They pretty much hold my favorite items.

where I Work - photo 3 | Els Brigé

There’s this medium high storage unit when I turn around on my chair. In there are baskets and boxes with stamps, sticker sheets, and all other types of embellishments and tools.

Where I Work - photo 4 | Els Brigé

This is one of my favorite items in my room. This storage unit once belonged to my grandfather, who made shoes. In his days this was filled with different kinds of small nails. I’m pretty proud to be having this in my room and being able to store my stuff in it.

Where I Work - photo 5 | Els Brigé

In a big bowl on top of the closet, I store all my wood mounted rubber stamps. I just love having these kind of things on display.

Where I Work - photo 6 | Els Brigé

There are two more important items in my workspace. One of them is this trolley I bought at Ikea. For me, with my small space, it has been kind of a life-saver. It can hold so much stuff. In the bowls and cups on the top of this trolley are some of the BasicGrey embellishments of the collections that I’m currently working with. It’s great to have them out like this, so I can effortless see what embellishments I have.

Where I Work - photo 7 | Els Brigé

And last but not least, I have a shoe closet next to my door (also from Ikea), which holds all of my 12”x12” sized papers. Each of the drawers has a category of papers in them, one for all the cardstock, one for different brands of patterned papers, one for older collection packs, and of course one for the newer BasicGrey collections.

Where I Work - photo 8 | Els Brigé

Ever since I’ve been in this room, I’ve learned my share about messes and storage ideas. And my system needs tweaking every now and then. But overall I’m really happy with what I have. I hope I was able to inspire you a bit with my workspace.



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22 thoughts on “Where I Work : Els Brigé

  1. TFS. Love your craft room. Looks like you have easy access to the items you use most. I like that cabinet above your work table. I like that you can see through it yet it has cabinet doors. (You must be fairly tall. I don’t think I’d be able to reach the knobs. :).

  2. This is a great work space. I love it. I would love to do much more in my space but I have part of the attic area and both sides of my small space have a slanted ceiling. Makes wall storage an issue.

  3. You have a beautiful craft workspace :) It’s great that you’re using your grandfather’s storage unit. Details like that turn a hobby into so much more :)

  4. I love seeing this space. It looks beautiful! I’m trying to organize my scrapping supplies this week so it’s a great inspiration. I would love to hear more about how you organize your papers. I like to keep mine by collection but then don’t know what to do with the left over few sheets of papers as I use up the collection.

  5. Awesome craft space, Els!
    Totally love your organisation style!!
    Cool stuff in there…Can I come over and play?? LOL
    So…that’s where you create all those fab cards, layouts, mini albums…So cool!!!

  6. Love the craftroom, if only I could keep mine this neat and tidy. I have a habit of not putting things back where they belong, so in the end I have a big mess and can’t find things.

  7. Thank you for sharing your craft lab. It’s always fun to see what sister crafters use to organize. Your space is A LOT neater than mine!!

  8. What a beautiful, inspiring, and practical workspace! I really like the item that used to be your grandfather’s. I imagine that you think of him every time you see it.

  9. This is nice ! I saw that trolley yesterday in my IKEA catalog! I had put a sticky note at the top of the page to consider it. I also have a small space & try to get all my craft stuff stored, but handy to use. I am not sure there is ever enough room for a persons creativity! Thanks for sharing your space. We always need ideas. I love you can use the bowls & items that bring you great memories. That is really awesome!

  10. I am thinking of storing my ‘stuff’ in bowls,etc, but am thinking about dust collecting on everything. Do you find this a big problem?

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