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This Love Bug softie is made using BG’s Kissing Booth fabrics.  It’s just a simple, sweet softie to make your littlest Valentine smile.
Begin by printing your pattern pieces from the PDF files :
Print at actual size, or 100%. Choose a brown print for the upper body, another for the bottom of the body, and for the face.  Choose a red print for the heart shaped wings.
Additional supplies needed:
  • Two BasicGrey Essential buttons for eyes
  • Scraps of Kissing Booth for appliqued hearts
  • Steam A Steam Lite
  • embroidery floss
  • batting scraps
Print pattern pieces.
Begin with the love bug body top.  Apply fusible webbing to the back of two fussy cut hearts from the Kissing Booth line.  Iron in place (shown on pattern piece).  Raw edge
appliqué.  Using embroidery floss, stitch the antennae.  Next, with right sides together, sew the curved seam on the top of the love bug body.  Clip seams.

Next, pick up your two red hearts.  With right sides together, and two pieces of quilt batting
sandwiched in as well, stitch around the heart shaped wings with a 1/4″ seam leaving an opening for turning. Clip seams and turn.  Handstitch opening closed.  Quilt as desired.

Center the wings over the curved seam.  The base of the heart should be 3/4″ from the center bottom. Stitch wings in place with a single seam through the center of the heart.
Add a layer of quilt batting to bottom body piece if desired and quilt.  Next, with right sides together, attach the body top to the body bottom, leaving an opening for turning where the head will be.  Stuff very well and hand-stitch opening closed.

Next, take a dinner plate and trace it to create a circle for your love bug head.  Iron edges under 1/4″.  Take loose running stitches around the perimeter by hand.

Pull thread to cinch head closed. Stuff well.  Attach two button eyes and embroider a mouth.  Attach to body with hand-stitches.
Go on and gift your love bug!

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