BasicGrey Altered : Halloween Feel Boxes

Halloween is my favorite holiday for crafting! Last year I was the room mom for my son’s sixth grade class and couldn’t decide what to do for an activity with these kids who were surely too “cool” for the usual Halloween games and crafts. I decided to give the old “peeled grapes for eyeballs” classic a try when I couldn’t come up with anything else and expected it to bomb. They loved it!

So this year I couldn’t wait to try it again with a new group of kids. Here’s how to make a creepy touch and feel game yourself…

You will need an assortment of BasicGrey papers from the Clippings and Paper Cottage Lines along with wooden buttons and confetti garland from the Clippings collection. In addition, you will need four recycled tissue cubes, gray or black felt, two craft corks or spools, plastic spiders (can be rings), assorted googly eyes, brown ink or chalk, craft knife, scissors, paper trimmer, good quality glue stick, and a hot glue gun.

For inside the boxes, you will need wax paper and tape if you want to reuse the boxes, dried apricots, peeled grapes, chenille stems (pipe cleaners), baby carrots, and gauze bandage. Be sure to fold the ends of the chenille stems back onto itself so you don’t have any sharp pieces. Also be sure to glue the bandage together (leaving a little bit free at the end) to avoid unraveling during the game.

To create the top of each box, cut a square of felt the dimensions of your tissue box top. Fold in half and cut from the center toward each corner stopping an inch shy from edge. Cover the top of the box with a glue stick avoiding the center plastic. Press felt on firmly and allow to dry fully.

For the Frankenstein box, cut a strip of green patterned paper the height of your tissue box. Cut a two-inch strip of black patterned paper and cut random triangles out along one edge. Adhere both strips to the box using a glue stick. I like to adhere just the front first and allow to dry before coming back folding to adhere the sides.

I chose to leave the back exposed, but you could also overlap another strip to complete the design around the entire box. I wanted to have access to the back to load the interior items easily (I carefully opened the back of the box which I taped back up during the game).

Punch (or hand-cut) two white circles trimming off a section of each to add a straight “uni-brow” above. Top with black buttons from the Clippings collection for pupils. Cut a thin strip of black patterned paper to form mouth stitches. Adhere craft corks or spools with a hot glue gun for neck bolts (I optionally painted mine silver).

To create the monster, cut a strip of teal patterned paper the height of your tissue box and cut small V’s all over on a protected surface using a craft knife. After cutting, poke each V out from the back carefully to form textured monster fur.

Adhere “fur” strip to box as previously demonstrated. Add a cluster of assorted googly eyes to the front along with a trimmed section of garland for funky monster teeth.

For the mummy box, adhere a strip of graph patterned paper to the box as previously demonstrated. Add a 1.25 inch tall strip of green patterned paper to the front topped with wooden buttons and googly eyes. Cut four one-inch strips of graph patterned paper and ink or chalk edges brown. Adhere randomly onto box front as shown to create the mummy bandages. I optionally added a few foam dots strategically under my strips for extra dimension.

To create the spider infested box, cut a strip of the Hibiscus Tea patterned paper and adhere to box as previously demonstrated. While this pattern is normally absolutely beautiful, when paired with creepy spiders, the design turns into stylish webs! Glue plastic spiders randomly to the webs with a hot glue gun (if you have spider rings, snip off the back with scissors first).

I created folded labels to stand next to each box and thought I’d share the printable with you all. Click here to download the Halloween Feel Boxes PDF.  Cut out each square and fold in half.

I like to tape a piece of wax paper inside the boxes for protection prior to filling with any of the food items so the boxes can stay clean to be easily used again. It’s a good idea to also have a box of hand wipes at the end of the game for everyone to sanitize their hands.

I hope you have as much fun creating these boxes as the kids have playing with them!

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