BasicGrey Altered : Backpack Gift Boxes

Backpack Gift Boxes | Lisa Storms

With school starting back up, I wanted to come up with a cute way to send in a little teacher treat or gift. I figured a backpack fits perfectly with a “back” to school theme. Here’s how to make one of your own:

Start with fun papers and brads from the Paper Cottage line. You’ll also need a small, recycled box (Crystal Light is a good size), sandpaper or sanding block, extra strength glue stick, corner rounder, and paper trimmer.

Gently sand the entire surface of the box for a good surface to adhere your paper.

Cut patterned cardstock to 4.5 x 8.5 inches. Completely cover front of box with glue stick and place down centered onto back of paper strip and allow to dry. Crease at all corners and finish adhering paper around perimeter of box.

Cut a 2.75 x 8 inch strip from another patterned cardstock and round two corners with a punch.

Adhere strip to back of backpack with non-rounded corners at bottom. Once dry, crease at front and back of top of box and add brad centered at front.

Cut four .5 x 8 inch strips of patterned cardstock and glue wrong sides together in two sets to form straps. This allows the straps to look the same from either side. Glue straps to top of back as shown and once dry, fold the end of the straps to form a tab to adhere at the bottom of back.

You can add little self-adhesive Velcro dots to keep it secured close if needed. And that’s all there is to it!


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