CHA Summer 2012 Sneak Peek : Aspen Frost

Charming and familiar, wild and sweet, a juxtaposition of Christmas past and present, Aspen Frost by BasicGrey holds all the joy and tradition of a homespun holiday. In neutral birch, iced cranberry, red hot cinnamon, dazzling white, glacier blue and green apple, Aspen Frost is the comfort and blessing of yummy pies, sparkling drinks and a warm flame burning in the hearth.

Happy Together | Vicki Boutin

Believe | Kelly Noel

Stay tuned to our blog for the full reveal of Aspen Frost on Tuesday, July 17th – the first day of the Summer 2012 Craft and Hobby Show.

327 thoughts on “CHA Summer 2012 Sneak Peek : Aspen Frost

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