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Get cozy with Nordic Holiday! With lovingly-knit sweaters, warm-baked gingerbread, snowflake kisses on pink cheeks, and traditions that stretch back before days you remember, you’ve got a lift ticket to ride into the holiday season…Nordic style! Wrap yourself up in all the snowy whites, icicle blues, holiday greens, and merry reds and revel in warm fuzzy holiday memories.

Joy Noel | Kelly Goree

Supplies : NOR-3440 Apre Ski, NOR-3444 Carving, NOR-3446 Slalom, NOR-3452 Wedge, NOR-3465 Glitter Chipboard, NOR-3456 Element Stickers.

Nordic Holiday Explosion Box | Kelly Goree

Supplies : NOR-3437 Santa Lucia, NOR-3451 Vertical, NOR-3449 Lift Ticket, NOR-3453 Yard Sale, NOR-3458 Sticker Titles, NOR-2817 Sticker Alphabet.


Let It Snow  | Kelly Goree

Supplies : [NORDIC HOLIDAY] NOR-3438 Chalet, NOR-3443 Cabriolet, NOR-3436 Alpine Yule, NOR-3448 Half Pipe, NOR-3456 Element Stickers, NOR-3465 Glitter Chipboard, [OXFORD] OXF-3378 Sticker Alphabet, [HELLO LUSCIOUS] HLO-3249 Sticker Micro Monograms.

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And of course, we can’t tell you something is available for purchase without letting you try to get your hands on some direct from us, can we? Leave a comment letting us know what YOU would use Nordic Holiday to create and we’ll select one lucky commenter at random to receive their choice of Nordic Holiday Collection Pack, Card Kit or Page Kit Comment must be posted by 11:59p MST.


CONGRATULATIONS to our winner selected at random from the comments we received by the noted deadline :

Jessica K                  

I would use Let it snow for the pictures of my children and husband sledding down our backyard last year and would also love to make it into a card or two!

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118 thoughts on “Now Shipping : Nordic Holiday

  1. We plan on going skiing in Taos, New Mexico in December. This collection would be perfect for scraping about that. However, I don’t think I would wait until then, I have a collection of small matchboxes to make an advent calendar, and Nordic Holiday papers would be wonderful to decorate them with!

  2. In a perfect world, I would create a wonderland of paper snowflakes, all our the house, so that I could spend my day surrounded by these beautiful prints and festive colors. :D

  3. So many pictures of winter could be put into the back of my scrapbook for the last season of the year. fun fun fun!

  4. I would create cards, cards and cards ;)
    And maybe I would do a bit of home decorating with it.. I can see me creating an altered frame with all the goodness… and maybe some gift packages (boxes, bags, something like that)… well I think I would do many things with it ;-)))
    Sylvia xx

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