BG Winter Warehouse Box Sale!

11 thoughts on “BG Winter Warehouse Box Sale!

  1. I just got the email that I never thought I’d get, you are closing shop. I am so so sad. I love BG and everyone of your collections has been amazing. I wish you the best with your new endeavors!

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that you are being forced to close down. I just made a card this week with some of that gorgeous birch bark patterned paper from a recent collection. Thank you for your lovely collections over the years.

  3. It says discontinued when I tried to order the box. Any idea when the link will be working? I am really sad to see you are closing. I love your products.

  4. I ordered very early, as soon as the link hit and it seems they charged a premliminary charge to my paypal account but the money was never claimed. Will I get my order?

  5. I just called BG since I have ordered my two boxes on 1.26 and have not received them yet. Customer serice stated they are shipping the week of Feb 15th…. I must have missed that wording somewhere….?

    Thought I would people know. Also she stated they authorize the charge at the time, but then finalize it when it ships.
    Hope that helps


    • OMG, I can’t wait for these to ship! I put it on my calendar that they ship on the 15 so I will give it a few days and then start stalking my mail man… WOOHOOO!!

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