BG Remix with Sarah Webb






I love mixing collections. I find it a fun challenge to pull out coordinating elements and it allows me to pick the items that really match the theme of the page. I used a variety of elements from three different collections: Sun Kissed, Type Set, and Dear Heart. I started with choosing to highlight our holiday pictures and second on colour.




For my title, I trimmed off the word ‘chaos’ and used just the ‘beautiful’. The epoxy alpha worked well to fill out title but needed foam dots for the added dimension.




To create a visual triangle with the orange, I added buttons, sticker flags and a sticker under the ‘here & now’ chipboard.




I hope you have fun mixing it up. For me, it really adds to the versatility of a collection as well as allows me to use favourite bits!

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4 thoughts on “BG Remix with Sarah Webb

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