Goodie Bag Monday!



There is no better way to kick off the week than with a give-away! Who would love to take home a collection pack of our all new Saturday Morning? For your chance to win and be one of the first to have this collection in your stash, just leave a comment on this post and tell us what your favorite thing to do on a Saturday is!




We’ll draw a random winner this Friday, January 22nd at 4pm MST. Good luck!

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137 thoughts on “Goodie Bag Monday!

  1. Love to check out scrapbook blogs with a cup of chai or two. Saturday mornings are for relaxing. Love the small prints in the collection.

  2. Saturdays are for BIG fun…anything a bit more time consuming. Baking, projects, gardening. Saturday is high energy and giant imagination and getting the wiggles out because Sunday is laundry day.

  3. I like to have breakfast with my two very busy university-aged children and find out what was the best thing that happened the week before.

  4. I am so excited about this collection! Would love to win! My favorite thing to do on Saturday is start my morning in spin class!

  5. After enjoying a little extra sleep, I like to write in my journal reflecting on my week. Then it is time to hit the craft room!

  6. I love scrapbooking on Saturdays and also have some family time. Sleeping in would be a treat! These are beautiful papers.

  7. Saturday morning is the only morning to sleep in, BUT, I meet with a group of wonderful ladies (up to age 84) who love to quilt and we meet at 9:00. We all do our own pattern choices, but help each other out if we get lost along the way. Nothing like guild material produced, but we sure do enjoy our days spent together doing something we all love!

  8. Having a roaring fire in the fireplace, my art supplies and papers, fibers beads paints glues (a great mess) the radio going a big cup of coffee my hubby reading or coloring, especially this Saturday!

  9. Generally on Saturdays ( during summer and fall ) , go on small hikes , visit zoo or farm , picnic at local park , go to beach with my kiddos . When the days are cold , we tend to stay indoors to do some crafts or play some board games !!

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