Say hello to Typeset!



With a fresh twist on retro appeal, Typeset is a remix of nostalgic patterns and classic floral charm.




The deep blue and aqua hues pair perfectly with the rich shades of coral and orange to create this goes-with-anything, gender-neutral collection.


TYP_blog_reveal_2 TYP_blog_reveal_3


Typeset is perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, pocket pages, planners and more.




How would you like to win the entire collection of Typeset? For your chance at owning all of the papers and embellishments, just leave a comment and tell us where you would choose if you could live anywhere in the world! You can double your chances of winning by posting the same answer on our corresponding Facebook post. We’ll draw a random winner on Monday, September 14th.


Be sure to stop by tomorrow and check out all of the beautiful projects our designers created using Typeset – they are really fantastic!



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189 thoughts on “Say hello to Typeset!

  1. What a yummy looking collection – so exciting and very awesome!! So much about it to love!!!
    If I could live anywhere in the world it would be on Prince Edward Island in a wonderful home!!!

  2. This is a beautiful collection! I love the mixture of colors and elements. While I do not have a specific place I would choose to live, I do know that my dream would be to live on a beach with clear, blue water.

  3. I LOVE this new collection! It’d be so exciting to win the whole set! Thanks so much. I sure do wish we could live somewhere that isn’t as horribly cold as it gets here. I feel sorry for my Yorkie because the winter snow & ice is much more than he can handle!

  4. If I could live anywhere I’d pick Australia but my whole family would have to come with; otherwise I’d stay put right here in sunny CA!

  5. this little rotary dial… so cute!!!! I love my home state… Michigan. Though later in life I may become one of those snow birds who flies to the Florida Gulf coast for January/February :D

  6. ohh, i LOVE this collection, you had me at “typeset” ;) and although i pride in calling myself a “citizen of the world,” i’d say that i’d live right here in the good ol’ US of A, of course :) i’ve come from halfway around the world and travelled extensively, but we truly have it ALL right here (the beaches, mountains, desserts, the heartland, and most of all, the people and the freedom we value close to our hearts — you cannot find a more generous, truly resolute and unwavering pioneering bunch… thank you, BG!!

  7. I feel that I live in the most perfect place in all the world! On a beautiful lake in Orlando, FL with beautiful birds flying through my yard and even some wild animals on occasion. If I could change anything it would be the heat, hurricanes, and tourists, but that’s what I pay for paradise. ;)

  8. Love the colours of this Typeset collection, my favourite place to live is by the ocean, I love where I live now on the West Coast of Canada, everytime I go away, I’m still glad to live here!

  9. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would love to have a mountain cabin or a beachside house. The location doesn’t matter as much as the view! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I live on an acreage in Alberta, Canada, the province I was born and raised in, and — although I’ve lived in some beautiful and amazing places during my lifetime — I’d not choose to live anywhere but right here.

  11. I would live in Germany with the other half of my family. Currently, my husband and daughter are over there and I am here with my son. It’s difficult being split…

  12. Well, I live in coastal North Carolina, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean so it doesn’t get much better! We have nice hot summer days, cool fall evenings, just enough snow and cold to say we had some winter, and nice pleasant spring days. Besides, my son, his new wife and their five children live here so why would I want anything different? :)

  13. I am a single mother in the nursing program at the local school. 2 years ago I was able to buy my first house with my two children. & I remember sitting at the kitchen table while we had our first breakfast in a completed house, I thought I was going to bust at the seams with happiness. So my little nest that I’ve created for the little people that I made is my dream place to live

  14. FABULOUS collection – THANK YOU for the chance to win!!!
    I’m happy living where I am, I would choose to have all my family come and live nearby :)

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