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Fall is just around the corner. Comment and tell us what your favorite thing about fall is for your chance to win a B-Side collection pack. Double your chances by also commenting on the coordination Facebook post. A random winner will be announced Next Monday 9/7 at 2 pm MST. Good Luck!




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133 thoughts on “Goodie Bag

  1. What’s not to love about Fall? It’s my favorite season… I love that cool, crisp feeling in the air. Honeycrisp apples and apple cider, the beautiful changing leaves… if only it didn’t mean winter was around the corner, it would be absolutely perfect!

  2. I really love the leaves turning colors each autumn. last year hubby and I went driving around to see all of the covered bridges in our area as the leaves changed. it was just beautiful! of course having a pumpkin spice latte along for the ride was a nice treat! ;)

  3. Fall – what’s fall??? I live in the tropics in the land down under & we don’t have fall but I’m sure I could use all the pretty papers.

  4. I love to decorate my front yard with lots of pumpkins and mums. I also love to attend all of the Fall festivals around my area.

  5. I love everything about fall- the vibrant colors, the spiciness, the leaves, the hint of coolness in the air, the relaxation after a busy summer, but before the stress of the holidays.

  6. I like that change in the trees and the leaves. I love color so watching and seeing the tree come to life is what I like about the fall.

  7. My very favorite is having my first cup of hot chocolate for the season, and watching the beautifully colored leaves swirl in the brisk wind, while breathing in the wonderful smell of fall.

  8. My favorite part of Fall is getting to wear my turtlenecks and sweaters again. I love wearing snuggly clothes! Also gives me lots of reasons to craft for the fall holidays

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