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Hi all! We are so excited to be participating in the Love Blog Tour today with Moda Fabrics. This blog hop features this amazing quilt pattern.


Moda Pattern


Here is our version of this quilt pattern using our Persimmon fabric.


Persimmon 1


A savory and sweet, hand picked variety of Autumn flavors is yours with BasicGrey’s new Persimmon fabric collection. Perfectly ripe patterns mingle with orange-red, seasonal gold, and a touch of dark ebony blue creating a full canopy of fall foliage at your creative finger tips.


We would “Love” to wrap up this post up by answering this Q&A:


When did you start quilting? Tell us about your first quilt. When I was 13. I had helped my grandmother with a few quilts, but that summer, I finished one all by myself. It wasn’t perfect but I loved it.
When did you fall in LOVE with quilting/ textiles? and Why? I have a love for all things organic and fabric is no different. It’s so tactile and easy to work with.
What fuels you to create? Lots of things fuel me, but a great design magazine and a bag of gummy bears never hurts!
What  is the best part of your design process? Knowing when it has all come together and I am happy with the look.
I get shaky knees when I…… Get on an elevator.
I love the color…… Green
This project features a layer cake, charm pack or mini charm, but what is your all time favorite moda precut? Fat Quarter
I would love to spend a day with……The staff at Google. They just have waaaay too much fun!


Free Pattern Download:

Share the love and post your finished quilt along with #modablogtour on your favorite social media site. You can also search the #modablogtour hashtag to see all the different color versions for inspiration.


For more versions of this quilt hop on over to:

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persimmon swatches


For your chance to win both a charm pack and a layer cake from the Persimmon collection leave us a comment telling us what you “Love” about quilting. 2 Lucky winners will be announced on September 13th. Good Luck!!!


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625 thoughts on “BasicGrey + Moda Love Blog Tour

  1. Quilting is very therapeutic for me. I love the relationships cultivated at the LQS. I’ve made some really nice lady friends at LSQ’s! And of course, the selecting and daydreaming over fabric…that’s one of the loveliest parts! But I think I LOVE the finished product the best! :) Getting that phone call or card in the mail from the recipient of the handmade gift is so rewarding, and I’m blessed to have the ability to create something for someone else (and occasionally myself).

  2. There really isn’t much I don’t love about quilting, but up near the top is my absolute fascination with pattern and with mark making. Both of these have their counterparts in the natural world, but when done with intention
    (or resulting from serendipity) it becomes intensely human in nature.

  3. I love the friends I have through quilting. They are my best girlfriends. We have loads of fun and laughter and share our sorrow and tears. A girl can’t get any better friends than these ladies !

  4. I love the colors in your little quilt. Quilting is such a stress reliever, plus the final products are awesome! Thanks for participating in the Love blog.

  5. I love the freedom to create whatever pleases you. If you like yellow, create with yellow. You like stars? It’s your quilt. You like traditional quilt patterns and modern fabrics? Go for it. So many choices.

  6. I love the creative part of selecting fabric, choosing the setting, picking out fabric for the backing – all the choices I have to make a pattern my own.

  7. I love selecting the fabric and design, and I love pulling a freshly washed new quilt out of the dryer in all its crinkly goodness. I love the steps in between as well, but those are my faves. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. The thing that I love the most about quilting is; it gives me a chance to be creative. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but I have the desire. With quilting, I can cut straight lines, sew straight lines, and come out with the most beautiful project when finished! I am a new quilter, but I am already addicted!

  9. I loooove this fabric! It would be perfect in my quilt! Basically I love fabric shopping and hoarding and daydreaming about all the perfect fabric I need :) I love the creating aspects of quilts- combining different fabric lines to make the perfect color schematic!

  10. I love the accomplishment of quilting. I can make a detail quilt or a simple quilt depending on my mood or what I need. I love giving my Granddaughter quilts. she gets one every Christmas and Easter, of course in between.
    Thanks for the chance.

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