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Today I thought we would do something a little different and share a peek into the make + take that we are creating at our booth at the Create and Connect convention. Our whole goal for the project at this trade show is to allow our visitors to really get a hands-on experience with the Capture system using a variety of our latest collections (RSVP, Persimmon, and 25th & Pine). Here’s the sample project:


BasicGrey | What a Week | Ann-Marie Morris


The mini book is comprised of three different divided page protectors and a vellum paper with an Attach-Me sticker bound together with twine.


BasicGrey | What a Week | Ann-Marie Morris


The first page features some of our latest and greatest Capture products, including the never-expiring calendar stamp, label and alpha stickers, and a die-cut photo frame for housing photos taken at our booth. We are encouraging our lovely guests to take as much creative liberty as possible with these pages; my sample is merely a jumping-off point!


BasicGrey | What a Week | Ann-Marie Morris


On the left page, the photo frame die-cut from the first page was folded over to cover both sides of the protector sheet. On the right page, I used a few of my favorite new + old supplies, including the tracing ruler, my favorite Snippet, and a binder clip, in addition to some fun new additions from the RSVP collection. The pinwheel on the upper right was glued directly on top of the page protector so that it would be quick + easy to attach with adhesive and top with a metal stud.


BasicGrey | What a Week | Ann-Marie Morris


And finally, for the last spread, I used a mix of 25th & Pine papers (holiday paper has never been so Summer-friendly!)label and alpha stickers, vellum tape, and a smattering of metal studs.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into our time at Create and Connect! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @official_basicgrey for even more behind-the-scenes photos!


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Behind the Scenes | Styling Photos

BasicGrey | Behind The Scenes


Hello everyone! Today I am here to share a little behind the scenes look into how I shoot photos for the blog. As much as I would love to be working in a fancy studio space complete with fancy studio lighting, right now my white IKEA desk, natural light, and a giant Foam Core board get the job done just fine.


BasicGrey | Behind the Scenes | Ann-Marie Morris


The first thing I do when I need to take photos (well, after I secure my top knot, of course) is set up my super high-tech studio. This involves clearing away anything that will be in the shot and propping up my foam core board with any sturdy items I have on hand (i.e. the porcelain cup filled with scissors and the tray stacked with magazines + notebooks). Like I said, super high-tech (HA!). In case you were wondering, the foam core board is used to reflect light from the window and minimize harsh shadows. Typically I try to shoot later in the afternoon when the lighting is soft but still bright enough for me to take crisp images sans tripod.


BasicGrey | Behind the Scenes | Ann-Marie Morris


Once I have a blank canvas to work with, I pull out the product or samples that I have on hand and began to curate the shot. Sometimes this comes together in a matter of minutes, sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Nonetheless, it’s always the most satisfying part of the process.


BasicGrey | Behind the Scenes | Ann-Marie Morris


Here’s where things get really fancy – I stand up on my (swiveling) chair and make things happen! It’s not exactly glamorous and is certainly not the safest option, but it is definitely the best way for me to get great overhead shots. This is also where I can adjust my prop styling based on what the camera is picking up. It’s all about trial and error at this point.


BasicGrey | Behind the Scenes | Ann-Marie Morris


I shoot the overhead shots with the 18-135mm lens that came with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i and the close-up detail shots with a 50mm f/1.8 Lens. I am constantly alternating lenses (usually while balancing precariously on my chair) to achieve the best images and give myself plenty of options for the blog. And of course, a photo shoot would not be a photo shoot without a quick ‘gram or two, so my iPhone is always nearby to capture the moment.


So there you have it! My glamourous life in a nutshell ;) P.S. More photos of my workspace right here!


What other behind the scenes posts or tutorials would you like to see in the future? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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So Nice to Meet You!

Ann-Marie Morris

I am so excited to be joining the BasicGrey team and collaborating with you all every Monday through Friday!

Confession: when the BG team approached me about coming onboard, I had a moment of self-doubt. Wait…me? Are you sure you’re not mistaking me for someone else? But after exchanging a few e-mails and finally meeting in person, I KNEW I had to do it. They convinced me that they liked what I was putting out into the world. They wanted me to stay true to my style while lending my personal voice to this wonderful community of designers + crafters alike. They wanted me to be me. Needless to say, I was blown away by their confidence and felt completely reinvigorated about the opportunity. So naturally, I turned a bright shade of red (as I do when all eyes are on me – so embarrassing!) and immediately said YES! After all, I do love me some paper ;)

Now I’m here to pass on the same message to you: Whatever it is that you do, whatever it is that you love, whatever it is that you can’t get enough of, share it with the world! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Ann-Marie Morris

A little about me…
I am 26 years old and live in Southern California with my fiance John. I started scrapbooking during my junior year of college and have been completely obsessed ever since. Currently, my days are filled with lots of Zumba classes, many trips to the thrift store, various freelance projects, and getting my DIY on for my upcoming wedding!

You can find also find me here:


Basic Grey | Ann-Marie Morris
Basic Grey | Ann-Marie Morris


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Behind The Scenes : Meet Christine Ricks

It’s been far too long since I’ve introduced you to someone at BasicGrey HQ, so I thought we’d change that today! BasicGrey fans and friends, meet Christine.

Maybe I should rephrase that…  That cute furry face actually belongs to Christine’s sweet dog whom she loves to death.  She says there’s no way we’d want to see her work space!

Name : Christine Ricks
Position at BG : Graphic Designer
How long you’ve been at BG : almost 5 years

What are your three favorite BG products and why?

  1. I seriously love the Monogram Chipboard – so many fun craft ideas running through my head on that one.
  2. Swaddling Cloths – because I can give them to all my friends having babies and they are super soft and cozy.
  3. PB&J Die Cut Shapes – really, most everything about PB&J.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I really love patterns so designing papers is top on my list. I also really love coming up with new embellishment ideas and seeing them on other peoples pages and cards used in fun new ways.

What do you listen to while you work?

I really enjoy music so I’m always trying to find something new. My constant tried and trues are lately, Wilco: The Whole Love, Foster The People: Torches or some Little Dragon: Ritual Union. 

What is your favorite color combination?

I can’t seem to get enough of that coral / denim blue combo lately.

When your alarm sounds in the am, do you hit snooze or get up immediately?

I’m usually up. I have a dog that I run with almost every morning before work.

What item would you most like to check off your bucket list?

I have always wanted to take a culinary course. In france. While living there. Just like Julia Childs.

If Christine loves our Monogram Chipboards, Swaddling Cloths and PB&J Die Cut Shapes, we’re sure you will too! See the giveaway box below to win one of each of Christine’s favorite products. 

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