Where I Work : Kim Jeffress

I am so very lucky to have my own scrapbooking studio upstairs in our home. Over the years I have collected bits and pieces of furniture and decorative elements. The two tables were originally dark brown wood, my husband and I sanded them and repainted them white. I love the bright white feel to my room, it makes it a place I love to be daily!
This is the view from my door.
I have a large Expedit and two smaller ones. This one houses my most used embellishments.

My friend sewed this ruffle for my chair, it was originally dark brown wood and I sanded it and painted it white.


I store my pattern paper here by manufacturor.


A smaller expedit used to hold my  printer and embellishments.


This  vintage typewriter was originally grey. I spray painted it yellow and use it to do some of my journaling.


Stamp and ink storage.


I store my cards on this wire mannequin.


Thanks for letting me share my studio with you.

Signature Kim

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Where I Work : Els Brigé

BasicGrey Where I Work

Hi everyone! Els here, to show you a bit of my workspace. I don’t usually share a lot of pictures of my studio, because it is tiny and crammed. But I’m very happy to have my own space, and be able to leave my stuff out when I’m in the middle of a project. My craft space leaves room for a small craft table, a storage unit, and a chair. And that’s pretty much it.

Where I Work - photo 1 | Els Brigé

Since I don’t have a lot of space, my room is pretty organized. And I try to tidy up after every project before I start to make a new mess. One of the biggest advantages of a small room, is that I have pretty much everything on hand all the time. The wall I’m facing has a couple of shelves with mostly smaller items, like these jars filled with buttons, wood veneer pieces, chipboard elements, and other small embellishments.

Where I Work - photo 2 | Els Brigé

I love storing my supplies in cute bowls and jars, some of them even have a sentimental value. They pretty much hold my favorite items.

where I Work - photo 3 | Els Brigé

There’s this medium high storage unit when I turn around on my chair. In there are baskets and boxes with stamps, sticker sheets, and all other types of embellishments and tools.

Where I Work - photo 4 | Els Brigé

This is one of my favorite items in my room. This storage unit once belonged to my grandfather, who made shoes. In his days this was filled with different kinds of small nails. I’m pretty proud to be having this in my room and being able to store my stuff in it.

Where I Work - photo 5 | Els Brigé

In a big bowl on top of the closet, I store all my wood mounted rubber stamps. I just love having these kind of things on display.

Where I Work - photo 6 | Els Brigé

There are two more important items in my workspace. One of them is this trolley I bought at Ikea. For me, with my small space, it has been kind of a life-saver. It can hold so much stuff. In the bowls and cups on the top of this trolley are some of the BasicGrey embellishments of the collections that I’m currently working with. It’s great to have them out like this, so I can effortless see what embellishments I have.

Where I Work - photo 7 | Els Brigé

And last but not least, I have a shoe closet next to my door (also from Ikea), which holds all of my 12”x12” sized papers. Each of the drawers has a category of papers in them, one for all the cardstock, one for different brands of patterned papers, one for older collection packs, and of course one for the newer BasicGrey collections.

Where I Work - photo 8 | Els Brigé

Ever since I’ve been in this room, I’ve learned my share about messes and storage ideas. And my system needs tweaking every now and then. But overall I’m really happy with what I have. I hope I was able to inspire you a bit with my workspace.



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Where I Work : Kelly Noel

Hello BG friends! Kelly here today to share some photos of my workspace. I use the den/4th bedroom in our home as my office and scrap space. Having a dedicated space for scrapbooking really has helped me find more time to scrapbook. I love being able to come in here when I can, which is usually short amounts of time here and there, and leave my work out on my desk for my next available opportunity to sneak away and scrap. :) I also love that my workspace is right off the family room in our home, so that I can still be part of whatever the boys and my husband are doing too.

Having two desks is crucial for me. I like to keep my computer desk uncluttered and clean and since this is where I print photos, make Silhouette cuts, print journaling, etc. I can’t imagine also scrapping here. And since I also have a part-time photography business, it’s important for me to have a dedicated space for editing, emailing, scheduling for that as well. The cabinets on either side of the computer desk hold buttons in jars, kids’ craft supplies, photo paper, scrap paper and older mismatched albums. My scrap desk is an old office desk that my Mom gave me from her office. The drawers are huge and are great storage. I use the drawers for punches, 6×6 paper pads, tools, small cutting mats, etc. It also holds all of our household office stuff as well…paperclips, dry erase markers, staplers, etc. My work surface is really large, so I’m able to keep my tool caddy on my desk for smaller often used tools like scissors, adhesive, etc.

My Mother in law had this amazing old library card catalog at her house for years. I always loved it and when they downsized to a condo, she handed it down to me. For years it went unused, because I was unsure how to use it, but now that I’m doing Project Life, I’ve found it’s perfect for smaller embellishments, tags, badges, etc. I also keep my inks and stamping tools in two of the drawers.

My Mother in law is a sewer and quilter, so she already had made some of the drawers with dividers for her thread, sewing tools, etc. I use the divided drawers for small embellishments and washi tape! I love how it keeps everything neat and tidy and the small items are very easy to find and get to. Using the card catalog has streamlined my scrapping process…having a place for everything and everything in it’s place is great for me. :)

I have a large IKEA Expedit bookcase which holds the remainder of my supplies. I use some old Cropper Hopper paper boxes to store my 12×12 paper. I recently switched from organizing by manufacturer to organizing my paper by color and I really love the change. Since I’m such a color fanatic, this really has worked well for me. The IKEA baskets hold the majority of my alphas and those are also organized by color. I love having them handy and being able to flip through them easily. The baskets also hold larger embellishment packages and loose layouts that need to be put into albums.

Thanks for taking a peek into my workspace! I hope it gives you some storage inspiration. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. :)

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Where I Work : Marinette Lesne

Hello everyone!  Today I’m going to show you some areas on my desk. I love to be organized so my desk is cleaned everyday. My desk … only… but not under my desk.  I like to have what I use the most on my creations close to me.  I love to recycle old metal and wicker baskets.

I live in a very small flat near Paris. I would love to have a big house with a very large scraproom but I can’t.  So my creative space is located in a corner of my bedroom.
I use an old wood table as a desk.

Washi tapes and neon Post-its.

My favorite stamps and favorite ink pads.

A lot of colorful sewing threads and just behind my favorite mists.

In small glass jars I put my brads, my trombones and buttons.

In a wicker basket, my favorites circles punches, my corner chomper and a lot of tags (I’m a tag addict♥) and some tools like my distresser edge and my paper piercing.

On my desk I have two cutting mats, a very large to protect my wood table and a second in case I have to use a cutter. My old massicot, my T ruler (so precious) and my favorite adhesives.

I have a lot of rustic and white twine so I put it into a candy jar.

My papers and cardstocks are under my desk, in such a mess that I can’t show you!  Thanks for stopping by for a glimpse into my tiny workspace!

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