BasicGrey 2014 Design Team

We are very excited to announce BasicGrey’s talented design team for 2014! You will be seeing wonderful, creative works from these ladies throughout the year!




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Getting To Know Kelly Purkey

BasicGrey | Mon Ami

Kelly Purkey | San Francisco Portrait Photography


BasicGrey partnered up with Kelly Purkey at CHAW14 this year and this union has resulted in the quirky, fresh and contemporary Mon Ami collection! Kelly took some time out of her busy city life to sit down and chat with us.


What inspired the beautiful patterns and textures of your new Mon Ami collection?


Mon Ami draws a little inspiration from France and the idea of spring in the French countryside. We wanted beautiful florals with rainclouds, a city skyline, and a lot of playfulness.


BasicGrey | Mon Ami | Kelly Purkey


It is such a pretty collection! What does Mon Ami mean?


Mon Ami is French for “My Friend,” and friendships are something I truly treasure.


From this collection, which sheet is your favorite pattern and why?


I am a total city girl so I really love the skyline pattern called “Rue.” I like how it has the layers of gray gradient as you move down the page.


BasicGrey | Mon Ami | Kelly Purkey


Tell us about your ideal crafting weekend.

I love to get together with my girlfriends and work on projects while all gathered around the same table. Some work a lot, and some (like me) just do a lot of talking, but it’s great to be all together, inspiring and bouncing ideas off each other.


How would you describe your scrapbooking style?


My style is clean and graphic, with a lot of color and small layered elements.


After walking the CHA show floor earlier this month, what do you think are the three hottest trends in papercrafting for 2014?


Brushstroke letters, like the ones found in BasicGrey’s Highline, gold foil, and Project Life are hot, hot, hot!


What is one scrapbooking tool you cannot live without?


Tim Holtz’s Tiny Attacher. I am addicted.


Who is your favorite scrapbooker and why?


Ali Edwards has been my longtime favorite. Last year, I was at an event with her and flipped through her Project Life album, and was just in complete awe. She has an incredible way of telling her stories and using products in a totally unique and very Ali-ish way, which is completely inspiring. Her look is classic and will always be stylish.


We know you have quite an affection for food and it’s one of your favorite subjects to scrap. What food could you eat every day of the week and never get tired of it?


Pork in all forms. Especially bacon!


BasicGrey | Mon Ami | Kelly Purkey


If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be and why?


One of my favorite New Yorkers is Nora Ephron. I adore her writing and her films, and have always been fascinated by her relationship to Carl Bernstein. I would have loved to sit down to dinner with her. I have a feeling she’d have some great wisdom to share.


You are quite the world traveler and many of the places you have visited inspire your layouts. What is your favorite place you’ve been to and why?


My favorite city in the world is Barcelona because it has a terrific mix of history, art, architecture, food, and energy. You can be on the beach or walking through parks filled with Gaudi sculptures. You can eat tapas all day long, and you can see amazing Picasso’s and the Sagrada Familia. I love that city!


Describe what scrapbooking means to you, especially from the point of view of not having children yet.


Scrapbooking is really getting to document life and all the good parts in it. My days are full of friends and family, great times and wonderful travels, and my scrapbooks are a place to record all the memories.


What did you want to be when you were a little girl?


I wanted to be President of the United States. Crushed me when I found out you had to be born in the US, which I was not.


Where were you born?


I was born in Korea and adopted by my US parents when I was three months old.


If you could be a superhero, what would your special superhero powers be?


Time travel, definitely!


Kelly, thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you better! We’ll wrap this interview up with a quick baker’s dozen:


Favorite color: gold
Buttons or brads: buttons
Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz: Dr. Oz
Dots or stripes: stripes
Mac or PC: Mac
Ribbon or twine: twine
Ninjas or pirates: pirates
Google or Bing: Google
Sweet or salty: salty
Chipboard or wood veneer: wood veneer
Mountains or beach: beach
Dog or cat: dog
Cake or pie: pie


BasicGrey | Mon Ami | Kelly Purkey

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2013-2014 Design Team | Part Two



Sophie Crespy


Describe your style: My style is quite simple, with a whimsical touch. I like bright colors and details as well as layers. My designs are usually graphic.


Workspace: I am lucky enough to have my own studio: a little room where I both sew and scrapbook! My scrapbook supplies have to share the space with my ever growing collection of fabric. It is quite a busy place that would need to be redecorated and tidied up! But I like to have my favorite items at hand: “out of sight, out of love” is my mojo!!


Favorite Color Palette: I love yellow, teal and pink together. I usually scrapbook around a 2 or 3 color combo.


Social Media Preference: I am not a big fan of social media; it might be because I am French! But I am addicted to Pinterest (does that count as social media?!)


Early Bird or Night Owl: Well, I can be both! Being a mother of two and working outside the house as a teacher, I don’t have much choice: I only create in the evenings when my kids are in bed. I never watch TV which leaves me quite some time for creative things. However, my days are never long enough; there is so much I would like to make and create!


BG Product you Hoard: I love brads, in particular the Stitched Brads for they are covered in fabric (my other addiction!)


Three random facts about you:


1. I cannot go to sleep without reading a good book, even at 1am!


2. I hate cooking.


3. I love to sing out loud in my car.


Advice for newbie crafters: When I started scrapbooking, I spent a lot of time looking in details at the layouts made by scrapbookers I admired; I learnt a lot that way. Scraplifting is a great way to learn new techniques. After a while you will find your own voice.


Your favorite BG product: I am crazy about the new Capture Snippets, they are perfect to create a quick and easy journaling spot.


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Alexes Brown


Describe your style: I would describe my style at times as whimsy and light and other times as bold and clean! I try to mix it up often, so I don’t get bored!


Workspace: Don’t laugh but I create in a huge walk in closet! I’m not going to lie, I love it!


Favorite Color Palette: I’m addicted to teal, navy and white… If I could use it in every project, I totally would!


Social Media Preference: I love me some Instagram!! Follow me @alexesmariebrown!


Early Bird or Night Owl: Ideally I’d like to be able to create in the afternoon but my kiddos keep me wayyy too busy! So it’s nighttime crafting for me, but I always get so sleepy!


Three random facts about you:


1. I’m a horrible speller; chances are I’ve made a spelling error somewhere in this post!


2. I played collegiate lacrosse at Arizona State University.


3. Remember that old Nickelodeon show called Double Dare, well yours truly was on it and I actually got slimed! Good times!


Advice for newbie crafters: Something that held me back for years was being too afraid to use my product! My new mantra is “Go Big or Go Home” use that product up! You’ll be happy you did, I promise!


BG Product you hoard: I’m obsessed with mini things, so it would have to be the Capture alpha stickers…I want them all!!


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Lexi Bridges


Describe your style: Hmm. This is always a tough question for me to answer because I don’t really know! Someone tell me what it is. Eclectic comes to mind. I know I always have to sew and use my typewriter.


Workspace: At the beginning of the year we remodeled a storage room in the basement into a craft/homeschool room. It is very clean in the color scheme sense (black ceiling, white walls and floors) but very messy in the “I can’t scrapbook without making a mess” sense. So I create in the world’s messiest scrap space. I’m okay with that.


Favorite Color Palette: Lately, black and white with a few colors mixed in, but I am an equal opportunity color scrapper. Except purple. Not a fan of purple.


Social Media Preference: Instagram. (username: lexibridges. clever, no?) I love me some IG updates. And Twitter. (username: Lexi Bridges. again, so clever.) Not a huge Facebook fan.


Early Bird or Night Owl: Night owl 100%…except that lately I have been having insomnia, which does nothing for late nights. And my boys are early risers so there’s that.


BG Product you hoard: If BasicGrey ever stops making the Basics brass & silver metal star studs, I might just cry. I am also pretty certain I’ll hoard the Capture sticker labels.


Three random facts about you:


1.I twist my hair.


2.When I was little I wanted to be named Dorothy.


3.I once had a cat named Jack that turned out to be a girl. We renamed her Jacqueline. She forever held it against me.


Advice for newbie crafters: “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.” I kinda love that quote. If you are just starting out, don’t compare yourself or your beginnings of this hobby to that published scrapbooker you admire. It’ll rob you of the joy that is playing with paper & glue. At the end of the day, if you love what you have created THAT is all that matters.


Fave BG product: Carte Postale page flags


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Tina Aszmus


Describe your style: Simple with bits of interest. I usually have a good amount of white space. I also love to deconstruct paper + embellishments.


Workspace: On our dining room table most of the time. I have an office/make space but I enjoy being around my family and having my inspiration accessible. I just don’t ever have dinner parties ;)


Favorite Color Palette: Probably neutrals. That’s usually where I’ll start.


Social Media Preference: Instagram


Early Bird or Night Owl: Both.


BG Product you hoard: The patterned paper but I’ve gotten better about it. It’s best being used rather than being forgotten.


Three random facts about you:


1. I only watch 2 shows while I scrapbook. Sex in the City + Dexter. SITC never gets old.


2. I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram.


3. Ice cream is my weakness.


Advice for newbie crafters: Just start and have fun with it. Be open minded about trying new techniques + trends.


Your favorite BG product: Capture Persimmon Waterfall Theme Pack. I love all the different bits + pieces in this pack, especially the wood grain letters.


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Marcy Penner


Describe your style: that’s hard. I don’t even know that i even know myself. Simple and light, carefree and layered maybe.


Workspace: In my little studio.


Favorite Color Palette: pale colors… Lots of white and usually some blues, yellows and greys.


Social Media Preference: Instagram.. No question.


Early Bird or Night Owl: neither…. But more night owl than the other.


BG Product you hoard: the metal clips.


Three random facts about you:


1. I married my high school sweetheart.


2. I am fiercely loyal.


3. I’m a total homebody.


Advice for newbie crafters: don’t stress. Don’t go out and buy ALL these fancy tools before you get a feel for what you like. Find your style and don’t worry about what other people are doing.


Your favorite BG product: Hipster Metal Tabs


Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Jen Kinkade


Describe your style: My style is modern/eclectic and a bit artsy, and always evolving as I grow creatively. I love lots of white space and really like to focus scrapbooking elements around my photos.


Workspace: I have a small space/storage closet area off of my bedroom where I create. So, I share the space (behind the desk in the photo) with random coats and boots and books! ;) It’s the smallest and least convenient space I’ve ever had, but I have found that I have had my most scrapbooking “success” in this odd space. Go figure :)


Favorite Color Palette: I am drawn to cooler colors overall: blue, mint, aqua, but also love the contrast of black and white with a pop of bold color.


Social Media Preference: I am a diehard Instagram user and prefer Twitter over Facebook any day! I also enjoy Pinterest. Find me @jenkinkade


Early Bird or Night Owl: Early bird…I definitely get my work done early in the day!


BG Product you hoard: I have several sheets of micro monogram letter stickers that I love!


Three random facts about you:


1. I have “my spot” at home on our couch–Big Bang Theory TV show watchers will understand this ;)


2. I loved math and science in high school.


3. I am married to my high school sweetheart.


Advice for newbie crafters: Do what you like. Create what you love. Find inspiration from others and make it your own! Mistakes happen, so don’t get caught up in making everything perfect.


Favorite BG Product: Carte Postale Mixed Brads


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Audrey Pettit


Describe your style: I’m kinda a shabby vintage type of girl at heart.


Workspace: I’m lucky in that I have a whole extra bedroom to use as my craft space. My dad built a 7′ craft table against one wall, complete with shelving and built-in lighting. The base of the table is made from those 12″x12″ storage cubes, so I have lots of room for my vast collection of paper, and I even have enough space to keep out my precious sewing machine 24/7.


Favorite color palette: Ooh, it’s so hard to choose, but if I had to pick just one, I’d probably say that I tend to gravitate towards the neutrals. May sound crazy, but brown is actually my most favorite color ever.


Social media preference: Facebook and Pinterest…I can waste a whole lot of time on Pinterest!


Early bird or night owl: Much more of a night owl than an early morning person, but I do tend to do most of my creating in the late morning hours before lunch. By late night, I’m ready to plop on the couch and watch some mindless TV.


BG product I hoard: Patterned paper. Definitely patterned paper. I’ve probably got at least a bit of paper from every single BG line EVER!


Three random facts about you:


1. I actually graduated from college with a degree in zoology, and once upon a time I was a zookeeper and a park ranger. I’ve worked with every class of animal, from reptiles and amphibians, to birds, and of course, mammals. Being a park ranger was the best job I’ve ever had.


2. We own a wee baby hedgehog as a pet. He’s 3 years old and his name is Benjamin Tinpins.


3. I drink a Diet Coke with Lime basically every single day with my lunch. It’s usually the only soda I have all day, and you wouldn’t believe how much I look forward to it!


Advice for newbies: Don’t be afraid to try something on your layouts or paper craft projects. If you cut something up and it doesn’t work, salvage it for a smaller project, like a card or tag. You can always pull up embellishments and try again, add more layers to cover up mistakes, and print new photos if you need to. Remember, it’s just paper. Have fun!


Favorite BG Product: Capture Occasions Waterfall Pack


Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013

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2013-2014 Design Team | Part One



Kelly Goree


Describe your style: I’ve always called my style “classic with a twist.” I love being a bit traditional yet still finding ways to incorporate current trends or a modern element into my design to make my pages stand out.


Workspace: I have an office/craft room that is the only girlie room in my entire all-male (even the dog) house! I used to scrapbook in a tiny space right off the family room but it was crazy chaos. My new space is around the corner from all the hub-bub and I call it my sanctuary!


Favorite Color Palette: aqua and just about anything but I particularly love it with orange lately.


Social Media Preference: I am a crazy Instagram fanatic. I love photos and love seeing *other* people’s photos so it couldn’t be more up my alley! (Come follow me @kelly_goree)


Early Bird or Night Owl: Definite Night Owl. It’s the time I’m most productive.


BG Product you Hoard: The original “BasicGrey” font full sheet alpha stickers! I think I have nearly every line we’ve ever produced and I guard them fiercely!


Three random facts about you:


1. I am incredibly sentimental and love a good romantic story. I’m a sucker for movies like “50 First Dates”, “Love Actually”, “The Notebook” and “Gone with the Wind.”


2. I know all 44 presidents of the United States – IN ORDER – but only if I sing them because of the “Presidential Song” I learned in 4th grade. Useless trivia put to music I can retain, other stuff, not so much. I’d list them here, but you’d think I copied it from somewhere.


But next time you meet me, just ask and I’ll prove it.


3. I’m double jointed in my left thumb. Just that joint only. No others. I have yet to figure out something useful to do with it.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Create what YOU love. Don’t worry about pleasing others with whatever you create. As long as you love it, it makes you happy and you enjoy doing it, that’s all that matters! Enjoy the process!


Your favorite BG product: Because I live in an all-male household, I’m always searching for (and hoarding) great “boyish” items. These adorable wooden buttons from the HEY BOY collection are a must – several packages worth, even!

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Jana Eubank


Describe your style: My scrapbooking has a traditional style about it with lots of patterned paper layers and dimensional embellishments. My scrapbooking can also change with the mood I am in. Sometimes I like the distressed look mists and stamping can add and other days I gravitate towards whimsical characters and themes. That’s one of the reasons I love scrapbooking as a hobby so much … I can explore different facets with each new page!


Workspace: Most mornings and late into the evening you can find me puttering away in my scrapbook room. It’s the one room in our house that I can decorate any way that I want. I chose colors of soft cream and pale blue. Very calm and restful. It’s my haven and I love spending time in there!


Favorite Color Palette: I love the color aqua and seem to use it on almost every page that I create. I love it when it is combined with other colors; especially, yellow, green, and orange.


Social Media Preference: Honestly, I’m a bit old fashioned and haven’t morphed into a social media guru like most of you out there. *blush* I love to browse Facebook for quick links, but love spending time on blogs the most.


Early Bird or Night Owl: Definitely a night owl … but occasionally I like to wake up early to have the house to myself.


BG Product you Hoard: Oh, no! How do I name just one?! Patterned paper, vellum tape, and the die cut and transparency packs are my favorites!


Three random facts about you:


1. I love taking the scenic route everywhere I go. It drives my family nuts, but I really enjoy seeing what is off the beaten path.


2. Along those same lines, I love trying random restaurants. I enjoy discovering new places that no one else has heard of and then introducing my family and friends to them.


3. I love planning themed birthday parties for my kids. My youngest is 7 years old and it saddens me a bit that I only have a few more years left of doing it.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Shopping for supplies as a newbie can be a daunting experience. Start with a collection pack or scrapbook kit. The papers and page accents will already be coordinated for you and will give you the freedom to enjoy the creative process and concentrate on recording your memories rather than stressing out over what supplies go together.


Also, don’t get hung up on things being perfect. Just have fun! Each page can be a learning experience and I promise you won’t ever run out of memories to “practice” on. Don’t be afraid to scrap-lift your favorite crafters. Of course, you shouldn’t represent those pages as your own work in design galleries or submissions, but copying someone else’s work can help you explore different styles and techniques until you settle into your own pace and find out what type of scrapbooker you are.


Favorite BG Product: I will go with the Capture Vellum Tape Stickers. :)

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Kelly Noel


Workspace: I have an office/scrap studio in my home. It’s 100% dedicated to crafting and home office, so I’m really lucky to have a space for everything. I love that it’s attached to our family room, so that even when I’m scrapping, I can still be “with” my family at the same time.


Favorite Color Palette: Ooooh, definitely anything with aqua! And I love brights paired with a white background!


Social Media Preference: Instagram for sure!


Early Bird or Night Owl: Night owl! I am SO not a morning person. I love the hours after everyone else has gone to bed and I have the house to myself.


BG Product you Hoard: Buttons! BG has the best buttons! And paper…the beautiful patterns are just too good!


Three random facts about you


1. I have a secret addiction to strawberry frosted Pop Tarts. I don’t buy them often, but YUM!


2. I have a weird aversion to little noises…pen clicking, foot tapping, gum popping…it drives me crazy! My boys love to tease me about it by doing all of the above at once ;)


3. I love decorating my home. If only my budget allowed me to do more. For now, I pin like crazy on Pinterest! :)


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Take time to find YOUR style. I often find the best inspiration for the next project comes from working on the current one, so always be working on your craft.


BG Product you love: RSVP Chipboard Shapes

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Lisa Dickinson


Describe your style:  Simple with lots of small details


Workspace: In my office on a large antique postal desk. I’m a standing scrapper and this desk lets me spread out several projects at once!


Favorite Color Palette: Right now I’m loving aqua mixed with yellow or orange.


Social Media Preference: Instagram & Twitter


Early Bird or Night Owl: Early Bird


Three random facts about you: 


1. I showed Quarter Horses from age 9 through college.


2. I think mayonnaise is really, really yucky.


3. Next to scrapping, my favorite hobby is shoe shopping.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: It’s not about being “caught up” – it’s about having fun!


BG Product you hoard: Metal Studs – the silver stars!

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Marinette Lesne


Describe your style: This is a tough one to answer. It’s a little bit of everything… I love colorful and layered layouts with a little bit of journaling. I always want my creations to be happy, colorful and emotional.


Workspace: I live in a small flat near Paris with my family and unfortunately I don’t have a scrap room. My creative space is located in a corner of my bedroom.


Favorite Color Palette: I prefer bright palettes but if I should choose one palette it would be: white+grey+yellow with a touch of black.


Social Media Preference: I’m a Social Media girl. You can find me on
Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!


Early Bird or Night Owl: A little bit of both but more of an early bird. I like to enjoy the peace of the early morning when everything is quiet. Hearing the songs of birds and seeing the sun rise; it’s my “me time” ;-) My favorite time of the day.


BG Product you Hoard: Well, this is a hard one;) I love so many BG products! But one product that I’ve always loved is brads. But now I’m in love with BG Candy Buttons. They are so colorful and trendy.


Three random facts about you:


1. I’m a coffee addict…every time of the day and night.


2. I’m ambidextrous.


3. Every evening I double-check if my doors are closed, ALWAYS! (an obsession)


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Always trust in yourself and in your work. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. When you make mistakes you can find what works the most for you.


Favorite BG product: Carte Postale Metal Flair

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Kelly Rasmussen


Describe your style: I would say most of my cards are simple, clean-lined and colorful. I love to add fun techniques to my projects, too!


Workspace My studio is centrally located in our house and is where I do all my crafting. I love it because I can easily be available to my family and there is room for my kids to pull up a chair next to me. Also, I’ve got a view out the front window of our house so I can watch my kids play outside and see the right when the FedEx guy shows up with a new box of crafty goodies. :)


Favorite Color Palette: Blues and greens.


Social Media Preference: Twitter


Early Bird or Night Owl: Night owl


BG Product you hoard: I love BG stitched brads! They are one of those products that I could use in so many other places besides my cards — home decor, barrettes for my girls’ hair, gift wrapping and more.


Three random facts about you:


1. I love to organize — especially my crafting supplies!


2. I married my high school sweetheart.


3. My favorite food is nachos.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Create in a style that makes you happy. When you are starting out it can be a little overwhelming with all the different products and styles you see, so just stick to what comes naturally and don’t try and force a style just because it is what others are doing.


Favorite BG Product: Capture RSVP Waterfall

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Kathleen Summers


Describe your style: In both paper and digi scrapping, I love lots of layers. The more layers, the better!


Workspace: My computer! I’ve been digitally scrapbooking since Feb. ’09 and while I will be showing you my first true paper creation in years on the BG blog very soon, my scrapbooking “area” is the keyboard, mouse, and monitor on my plain desk!


Social Media Preference: Please tell me Pinterest counts! I adore Pinterest. I love being able to see what things my friends are pinning and what interests we have in common. Come play with me!


Early Bird or Night Owl: Definitely night owl. It’s quarter to 1:15 in the morning as I write this. I’ve always loved staying up late and sleeping in.


BG Product you hoard: Oh my, I still have BG that is years old. I really really love it. Such wonderful quality and beautiful designs… yum. I can’t pick just one thing! With digi products… well, it’s easy to hoard it *all* since I can use and re-use it to my heart’s content!


Three random facts about you:


1. I’m a thrill-seeker and love everything from bungee-jumping to skydiving to scuba diving to roller coasters…


2. I’m currently in the midst of a 14-week body-transformation challenge. I’ll scrap about it when I’m done and share it with you!


3. We have four kids and right now we don’t have pets but once our baby (he’s a year and a half) is past the high-maintenance-toddler phase we hope to get a puppy (a french bulldog) and two kittens. All at the same time.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Focus on the story-telling and pick only the best photos to tell the story. Sometimes it’s tempting to use every cute photo you took of your kids at the park or on Halloween (or whenever) but pick just a couple of the best photos and let those shine!


Favorite BG Product: Carte Postale Garland

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Mary Rogers


Describe your style: White space grungy.


Workspace: On my desktop in my designated scrap room (just off our master bedroom).


Favorite Color Palette: right now, Grey/Teal/Yellow.


Social Media Preference: Facebook or Instagram.


Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl – I do have to get up early for work, but leave just enough time to do that and don’t even turn on the computer.


BG Product you Hoard: still have lots of paper supplies that I can’t part with, but hoard the alphabet stickers!


Three random facts about you:


1. I have 7 brothers and sisters.


2. I am left-handed but do all my computer work with my right.


3. I would eat Taco Salad for dinner every night if it were an option.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: Have fun! I put a lot of stress on myself first starting out. There is no set way to scrap, embrace the process, and tell your story.


Your favorite BG product: Capture Pocket Calendars

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013





Ann-Marie Morris


Describe your style: Clean and colorful with an organic twist. But really, my style is always evolving.


Workspace: In my office / craft room.


Favorite Color Palette: Aqua, yellow, and peachy pink.


Social Media Preference: Instagram and Pinterest! I am constantly alternating between the two all day long!


Early Bird or Night Owl: Hardcore night owl who desperately wishes I was a morning person!


BG Product you hoard: Capture Label Stickers! As far as I’m concerned, one can never have too many label stickers.


Three random facts about you:


1. I’ve lived through earthquakes, wildfires, and a hurricane. Thankfully not all at the same time.


2. Nothing makes me happier than a good workout, a great cup of coffee, and an inspiring DIY project!


3. I’m perpetually fifteen minutes behind schedule. I always assume I have plenty of time and I am always incorrect.


Advice for Newbie Crafters: There are no rules! If you love something (whether it’s trendy or not), embrace it. Experiment as much as possible. Seek out inspiration constantly. Learn basic design principles (they are so helpful!). The newbie phase is one of the best parts of the creative journey – enjoy the adventure!


Your favorite BG product: Carte Postale is easily my most favorite line to date, so I will go with the coordinating waterfall pack!

Enter R2013DTFAVS-25 in the promo code at checkout to receive 25% off our Design Team Members’ favorite BG products – valid August 6 – 9, 2013



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